Specialist Insurance for International Motor Risks


We believe that the effectiveness of our insurance stands or falls by the competence of our claims handling.
We provide the highest possible standards of service throughout the claims process, which ultimately leads to an efficient settlement.

Claims handling and service to the client has often been held to be a key differentiator between service providers. In the current environment, this has now become an issue of paramount importance and can truly be regarded as the “shop window of insurance”.

Our clients receive the same level of commitment and expertise when the policy is called upon to respond as they did when it was first purchased.

Claims are managed by the same team at Price Forbes & Partners who assisted with your original insurance purchase.

Claims Procedure

In the event of an incident likely to result in a claim, a Claim Form should be completed and emailed to claims@pfiis.com or faxed or posted to us (see Contacts) immediately. Alternatively, you can submit a claim online by completing our form. We will respond without delay.

We deal with all claims from London and have Lloyd’s agents and a network of associates who are able to assist with claims locally.

In the event of minor incidents, self authorisation may be given for temporary or complete repairs where the cost does not exceed GBP 750.

Wherever possible, we require two repair estimates. In most instances, subject to receiving all necessary information, we can authorise repairs by return. From experience, where repairs can be carried out locally, we recommend that you give your own instructions to the repairers. We will then reimburse you less the policy excess (deductible).

The repatriation cost of a vehicle after an accident to the nearest competent repairer or safe storage, up to a maximum of GBP 500, is also covered under this insurance.

If a vehicle is severely damaged or stolen, we will require a police report. Please note, in respect of total loss claims, we require sight of the purchase invoice/receipt for the vehicle.